Installation Services

In subsequent years following the purchase of one of our gorgeous and luxuriously decorated trees, you have the option of utilizing our Installation and Removal Service for a nominal fee.

During the installation visit, our team will come to your home or business at a pre-scheduled time to install the tree and will recreate the original design using the decorations, ornaments, lights, garland, and ribbons included as part of the initial purchase. The installation process typically requires approximately 4 hours, from start to finish.

During installation, if you have family ornaments that you would like us to include on the tree as well, we will ensure that the design of the final decorated tree is cohesive and striking and does not stray from the original design concept. In addition, depending on your preferred lighting concept, our designer will work with you to program the lights to automatically shut on/off, twinkle, or dance merrily to Christmas music. We will ensure that you can modify the lighting programming, as necessary, and fully understand how the timing mechanism works. We understand that as it gets closer to Christmas or during a holiday party, you may wish to change the lighting scheme.

After the holidays, we will return to take down and remove the tree as part of the Installation Service Package. Removal generally requires about two hours to complete and includes repackaging all decorations in your storage containers to properly store them until next year.

To guarantee your installation and removal dates, we recommend reserving dates as early as possible.