Evergreen Tree Holiday Party Favors

  • Complexity: medium
Original Author | Michelle Edgemont

Materials Needed

  • 1" wide ribbon with a holiday pattern
  • 2" circle punch
  • 8.5" x 11" sticker paper
  • mini aluminum or tin buckets
  • hot glue gun
  • glues sticks
  • Download labels here


  1. Plant Seedlings
    Loosen up the roots and soil on the evergreen seeding. Place roots into the aluminum bucket. Fill the top with the loose soil from the roots. Pat the soil and the roots down.

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    • Original Michelle-Edgemont-Holiday-Favors-Evergreen-Trees-How-To-Step-1b-Add-Soil s4x3 lg
    • Original Michelle-Edgemont-Holiday-Favors-Evergreen-Trees-How-To-Step-1c-Pat-Down-Soil s4x3 lg
    • Figure 1
    • Figure 2
    • Figure 3
  2. Cut Out Favor Tags
    Print the evergreen tree favor labels onto the sticker paper and cut out with the circle punch.

    Original Michelle-Edgemont-Holiday-Favors-Evergreen-Trees-How-To-Step-2-Cut-Out-Labels s4x3 lg

  3. Add Ribbon
    Cut a length of ribbon that just wraps around the stainless steel bucket. Add a dab of hot glue in the center of the bucket. Wrap the ribbon around the bucket and hot glue the remaining end.

    • Original Michelle-Edgemont-Holiday-Favors-Evergreen-Trees-How-To-Step-3-Add-Ribbon s4x3 lg
    • Original Michelle-Edgemont-Holiday-Favors-Evergreen-Trees-How-To-Step-3b-Add-Ribbon s4x3 lg
    • Original Michelle-Edgemont-Holiday-Favors-Evergreen-Trees-How-To-Step-3c-Add-Ribbon s4x3 lg
    • Original Michelle-Edgemont-Holiday-Favors-Evergreen-Trees-How-To-Step-3d-Add-Ribbon s4x3 lg
    • Figure 1
    • Figure 2
    • Figure 3
    • Figure 4
  4. Add the Favor Tag
    Attach the circle label on a slight angle.

    Original Michelle-Edgemont-Holiday-Favors-Evergreen-Trees-How-To-Step-4-Add-Paper-Tag s4x3 lg

  5. Present the Evergreen Favors
    Set a tree atop each guest's place setting for a sit-down dinner, or present to guests as they depart your party.

    Original Michelle-Edgemont-Holiday-Favors-Evergreen-Trees-Beauty s4x3 lg

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